Network local is a referral group based around the Midlands.

We are an unincorporated non profit association.

Purposely designed to bring trusted business owners together.

Members will already have built up trust within their community before being able to join.

Network Local is designed to help business grow in the first few years and help with the difficult tasks of promoting you on social media and the sometimes high costs of advertising involved in getting your brand or company known.

So why not get in touch with us to find out more.

At network local we bring like minded business owners together to meet and talk through ideas, tips etc whilst having a structured yet relaxed meeting. Each member is given a 60 second presentation to educate the other business owners about their business.

There are also 10 minute slots which rotate to enable you to go more in depth about the different services you offer.

We also have guest speakers from outside the group which come to give us interesting tips and ideas.

Network Local is all about keeping business Local and doing business with people you can trust and passing these on to others you may know.

We are a non profit organisation that pushes for business’s to get their brand as much exposure as possible  via all types of media without it breaking the bank because we know how tough it is out there for business owners.

Network Local is a low cost yet effective networking group which strives on building business that can be trusted locally.

We have lots of groups popping up each week with all different days and times so we are sure we can find one to suit individual needs.

If you would like to be part of this fantastic group of people please call for more details.

Office:   01773 549272   Jane: 07748657537